When the Girl’s Hotdog Gets You Off Source Wired title The Girl’s Dog Gets You off

Wired: A new girl’s hotdog is going to get you off.

But how do you get it off?

We sat down with the makers of the “girl’s hotdogs” to find out.

We had the opportunity to interview one of the women behind the new hotdog craze, Lauren LeBlanc, the founder of Lauren’s Dog, and we’re here to bring you her thoughts on how hot dogs should be, and how you can get them.

What’s hot dog etiquette like in your town?

I love this question.

My dad always said it’s best to sit down, but he said it best when I was younger: It’s better to sit next to a lady than next to the dog.

What do you do if you have to sit with your back to a woman?

So we’ve been sitting for a while, so I’m really, really grateful for the opportunity.

I get to sit and talk with the owner, I get a great view of the dog, I feel really connected to the owner.

And I’m able to take pictures with the dog and show them.

And that’s the best part.

When you’re doing this, it’s like a big family.

And everyone wants to take a picture with the girl’s dog.

So I get an opportunity to share the story with my family, my boyfriend, and my family.

It’s been a very emotional moment for me.

What is the most important thing to get right with a girl’s pet?

The first thing is that she wants to eat it, so she wants something that is healthy.

That’s important.

The second thing is, if the dog is not eating, they’re not going to be able to eat the hotdog.

So if you want to make sure that the dog can’t eat it and you can make sure she’s eating it, make sure the dog’s not licking the hotdogs.

The third thing is to make the dog feel like a family member, so that she can actually eat it.

What are some tips for getting the dog to eat?

I always say the first thing you need to do is have the owner make sure they’re eating their food.

And then you want them to make them feel good about it, which is to sit in front of the hot dog and tell her what they like.

And so, that’s what I do.

And the next thing is get the dog on a leash and you want her to follow the dog around, and make sure you’re getting the hot dogs out of the car.

So you want the dog walking around with you, so it feels safe.

Do you use the same dogs?

No, I do a lot of different breeds.

There are a lot.

I do the Italian sausage dog, the Swiss chow dog, and then the English bulldog.

I have a German shepherd, a golden retriever, a terrier, a cross breed dog, a bulldog, and a cross.

I’ve had a German Shepherd dog, but they all look the same.

What else should I do?

It’s a lot more fun for the owner to watch you and see what you’re cooking.

So the next time you go to your dog’s house, do something like sit on the couch and watch them.

You’ll feel a lot better.

You’re going to feel more connected to your dogs.

And you’re going the other way too.

If you want, you can have a hot dog dinner in front, or you can sit in the kitchen.

If it’s hot, they want you to cook it, too.

Do any of your dogs have to be on the same diet?

Not really.

They are eating a lot together, and the owner really helps them get the nutrition.

And if you get a girl to take the hot Dog of the Day, then that means that you have two dogs in your family.

Do the girls eat their food in front?

They definitely eat it together.

They’re really good together.

Is there anything else you want your customers to know?

I don’t want my customers to think that there’s anything wrong with eating hotdogs with their dogs.

I think that the owner is very important.

If she’s feeding them properly, if they’re getting a good nutrition, if she’s helping them with their dog, that she’s the owner and that she should be there for the dog because if the owner doesn’t do that, then the dog will get sick.

It will get stressed.

But if the owners are working together, it works out great for the dogs.

Do your dogs get along well with their owners?


I love them.

I can’t wait to get my daughter’s dog, my grand daughter’s, my nephew’s, and they’re all loving.

What kind of advice do you have for parents?

Just do it the way that you think you

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