Microsoft’s PS4 controller is the best Xbox accessory ever, PS4 Pro review

The PlayStation 4 Pro is a massive upgrade to the Xbox One X. It’s now capable of running 1080p, 4K video at 30fps at 60fps, and 4K at 60Hz, while also enabling up to 2x the power of the PS4.

In other words, the Xbox Pro is one of the most powerful gaming consoles ever made.

It also comes with an awesome controller.

This review will go over everything you need to know about the new Xbox controller.

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PS4 Controller PS4 Xbone Controller Xbox Controller Xbox One Controller PS3 Controller PS2 Controller PS1 Controller Xbox Wireless Controller Xbox 360 Controller Xbox Kinect Wireless Controller (no Bluetooth) PS4 Wireless Controller The Xbox One Wireless Controller is a $99.99 accessory.

It adds a few things that the Xbone Wireless Controller doesn’t, like two USB ports, HDMI out, and USB 2.0 support.

The only real difference between the two is that the Xbox Wireless controller works on a USB hub, while the Xbox Wireless Controller works with a USB cable.

Xbox Wireless Wireless Controller features (PS4 Pro): 1080p (30fps) 4K 60fps HDR support, 2x more power than the X360 Wireless Controller

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