Why the world’s biggest car accessories maker is going back to basics

By Steve Smith/The Wall Street JournalThe adidas Group Inc., which makes some of the world, most sought-after and most durable shoes, has begun to focus more on basics.

Its adidas Originals brand is returning to basics with a range of shoes for men, women and children, as well as accessories that are simple and easy to use.

The line includes a range that is available for purchase in select retailers such as Walmart.

The company’s latest line, the Ar-15, is designed to give people who are interested in the rugged look and durability of the gunfighter a more modern, everyday shoe that is not a luxury shoe.

It also makes a good choice for people who want to wear the same shoes to school and the office.

“We’ve always been a company that takes care of the basics,” said David Haines, chief executive officer of adidas, which was founded in 1976.

“The Ar- 15 is the next logical step in our mission to make shoes that people can wear to work, school and home.”

The Ar series of shoes, which started with the Ar 15 and the Ar 14, have been a staple for years for the adidas brand.

But the company has recently begun to roll out new versions that are more comfortable and stylish.

It recently introduced the Ar 17, a pair of lightweight sandals, and a new Ar 20, which is designed for children and the elderly.

The Ar 15 shoes are available in several colors, and they are priced at $90 to $130.

The Ar 14 shoes are a bit more affordable, starting at $150 and are available for $100.

The new Ar 15s are a little more rugged, but they are not meant to be worn by everyday people, so they are more suitable for working out, working out outdoors or when outdoors.

They are designed to work in the rain, snow and ice, and are made from a leather that is a little softer than the leather used in shoes, said Steve Smith, the chief executive of adids brands.

“These are designed for work, sports, running and for outdoor activities.

These are shoes that are meant for someone who works out or goes out,” he said.

The shoes are made with a lightweight synthetic blend, which offers a comfortable feel, and leather that feels good on the foot, he said, adding that the leather is made from natural materials.

The adids shoes, however, have also been made for some outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking and fishing.

They are also great for wearing to the office, but are best worn to the gym or the gym’s sauna.

For more on the Ar series, watch this video from the New York Times:The Ar15s are available through retailers such, Walmart, Target and Nordstrom, as they are sold separately.

The price range is $90 for the first shoe and $110 for the second shoe.

The most expensive Ar15 shoes are sold for $220.

Haines said the new Ar series is intended to be affordable for the average American, and the first Ar series will be sold for around $180, he added.

“People will be able to get the same shoe for around the same price that they would buy a pair, in many cases, at retail, including Target,” Hain, who also owns a shoe business, said.

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