When you need the right dog, Jeep Wrangler’s new truck is here

The Jeep Wranger’s first big-screen truck is coming in 2019, and it’s a truck with a few notable differences.

The Wrangler XJ is getting a big upgrade in every area, and this year, the Wrangler is getting some big-name help in a new feature called the Jeep Wranglers’ Personal Touch.

The Jeep XJ, as it’s known, is a truck that comes with an iPad and Android tablet that are preloaded with an iPhone app, the Jeep Personal Touch, which lets you customize and customize your Jeep to fit your needs.

The Personal Touch will come with a handful of new features.

Jeep Wrangelist’s personal touch lets you take control of your Jeep with a smartphone or tablet, from setting up a daily driver to keeping your truck in tip-top shape.

Here are a few of the more notable things the Jeep XJR can do: 1.

You can order Jeep Wrangers online 2.

You will be able to schedule pickup or delivery times from your home or office.


You’ll have more options when ordering from the app.


The app can also make your Jeep easier to find and to navigate, thanks to the “Quick Find” feature.


The new app lets you access your Jeep from the dashboard of your vehicle.


The App Store has made a few updates to the Jeep’s features and features that are currently available, like a map and compass, as well as a full-screen mode that lets you see all the available features.

The personal touch will also be able set your Jeep’s odometer and battery life, according to the Wrangler’s website.

What’s more, the app will be available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Blackandwhite, Android TV, and Apple TV.

So, the next time you need a Jeep Wrangle to haul stuff to the grocery store, pick up the Jeep and give it a try.

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