Google Glass for Android is now available for download

Android Glass, Google’s wearable tech that lets you control your devices through a pair of tiny glasses, is now officially available for purchase.

Google is reportedly launching the Google Glass app for iOS and Android devices today.

The company has also confirmed that it is working with Apple to make Glass available for Apple devices, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Google Glass is already available for pre-order through the Google Store.

Google Glass is also available through Apple’s App Store and Google’s own web store.

The Google Glass headset uses an augmented reality display to let users see a virtual 3D virtual world of objects and people.

Glass is a $1,499 accessory, which lets you use your phone as a controller.

You can control your device through the Glass headset by using a pair with a physical controller.

The Glass headset is also compatible with iOS devices, although it only works with iPhone 6s and iPhone SE.

The app also lets you search for and download apps for Glass and add apps to Glass’ library.

Google will also offer Glass to the public at the Google X lab for testing and development, which is currently being run by Google’s secretive Advanced Technology and Projects group.

The company says Glass will be available for public testing later this year.

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