Kia’s ‘PoleMaster’ accessory review: How it works, how it differs, and how to get it

Kia says it’s the “most comfortable” pole mount you can buy for its models, but it’s a little pricey.

And the pole mount accessory isn’t going away anytime soon, with the company adding that “all Kia pole mounts have the same unique and patented design.”

For that reason, we’re taking a closer look at what’s new in the PoleMaster lineup, including how to set up the poles, what they offer, and what to expect.

But first, let’s take a closer, hands-on look at how the PoleMan works.

Kia has made pole mounts for years and we’re here to take a look at some of its best-selling models and how they differ.

How does the PoleMaster work?

Kia built a custom pole mount with its proprietary technology.

The company says it developed a “new system of sensing” and “technology” to help it detect the location of its poles, even at night.

It also says that the PoleMaker system works even if the poles are off the ground.

So what does this new technology mean?

First, pole mount sensors are made to be sensitive enough to detect the poles and other objects in a person’s hand and to accurately identify the pole location.

For the Pole Maker accessory, Kia adds a sensor that detects the pole angle, or height, of the poles’ poles.

The PoleMaker’s sensors also detect when it’s raining, or if there’s snow on the ground around it.

So if a pole gets wet, it’ll automatically turn on and off.

And if the snowpack has thinned, the PoleMAKER’s sensors will light up, alerting you that there’s a problem.

That’s it.

There’s a few other sensors on the Pole Makers that are also more advanced, including a barometric altimeter, barometric temperature, and barometric pressure.

Kias also offers a remote-control pole mount for those who want to use it as a stand for their bike.

You can connect the Polemaker to your smartphone or computer, and the software lets you control the poles with the power of your smartphone.

How to get the PoleMen?

Kias is launching the Pole Men at select Kia dealers this summer.

They’ll be available for $299.99 at Kia, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

The accessories will be available at select retail locations through the end of June.

Kizoo is also launching the accessories in select Kizoos stores this summer, but they’ll only be available in the U.S. and Canada.

They’re available for pre-order for $279.99.

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