Why we love the latest Nintendo Switch accessories

Nintendo has announced a handful of new Switch accessories, and you’ll be happy to know that the new line includes the Nintendo Switch gamepad and a pair of Nintendo Switch wristbands.

The accessories include a Switch Gamepad, a Nintendo Switch Watch, a Switch Switch Controller, a Joy-Con Switch Charger, a Power Switch, and an adapter for the Nintendo Wireless Controller.

If you’re new to Nintendo Switch and don’t want to mess around with these new accessories, you can also check out the full Nintendo Switch list.

Here are the accessories:The Switch GamePad is available in five colors, black, blue, orange, pink, and white.

The Switch Watch and Switch Controller come in four colors, green, red, and blue.

The Joy-Cons and Switch Chargers are available in three colors, white, red and blue, and the adapter for Joy-CON is available only in black and white for $19.99.

The Nintendo Switch Switch Adapter is available for $12.99, and is also available for only $19, though the adapter is a bit smaller than the Switch Gamepads.

The Switch Controller is available on a $49.99 silver case and comes in four different colors.

It’s available in the blue and white and purple colors, and it has a 5-inch touch screen.

The Controller also comes in two colors: black and blue and a black strap with gold hardware.

The adapter for Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller is also in silver and comes with two silver buttons, which is pretty cool.

The Joy-Covers are available on an $89.99 black case and are available only on the Joy-Cam.

They come in five different colors, as well as the color black.

The accessories for the JoyCamps are available separately, though.

The controller also comes with a Joystick, Joy-Pad, Joystick Sticks, Joysticks, Joys, and Joysticks Sticks.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Combo is available as a $29.99 bundle, and each Joy-Button can be paired with up to four Joy-Sticks and one Joy-Controller, which works as a combo for both Joy-Joy and Joy-Control.

It can also be used with a Wii Remote and Nintendo Switch Dock.

The new Nintendo Switch Accessories bundle comes in three different colors: silver, black and green, and also comes as an adapter to use with Nintendo Switch.

There’s also a $20.99 Nintendo Switch Power Pack, which comes with all five Joy-Camps and a Nintendo Joy-Camp that comes with the Joysticks and JoySticks.

Check out the accessories below.

The following accessories are currently on sale at retailers around the world, and will go on sale on April 3:Nintendo Switch Joystick Joystick Stick Joy-pad Joy-stick Joy-Camera Joy-Switch Joy-Pack Nintendo Switch Game Pad Nintendo Switch Controller Nintendo Switch Charging AdapterNintendo Switch Switch Joy Charging CordNintendo Switch Game CaseNintendo Switch Watch Nintendo Switch SticksNintendo Switch Wireless AdapterNintendo GamePadNintendo Switch Charged Joy-o-Meter

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