A few more shower accessories and accessories for men

Sportbible is pleased to announce a couple of new shower accessories that will be on display in stores on April 11.

In the meantime, we’ve rounded up the most popular accessories that can be found at your local Best Buy.

Sportbible’s new accessories are: Ace Shower Head – This sleek, all-in-one shower head has a 1.25″ stainless steel mesh insert that makes it the perfect addition to your shower.

Air Conditioner – The Air Conditioner includes an outlet that can provide power to your outdoor heat or cold-water system and can be charged via a USB port.

AeroFlex – This lightweight, adjustable air conditioning unit features a removable hose and can provide hot and cold water.

Balcony – This new Balcony can be used as a lounge chair or an extension for your bedroom.

Bathtub – A water-repellent sponge that can help prevent stains and odors, the EcoShower Towel also comes with a removable brush attachment.

Brush – The EcoShowers new brush is a reusable plastic brush that is a convenient and easy way to get clean and organized in the shower.

It comes with an included brush attachment and a handle.

Cooling System – This is an innovative water cooler that features a single, water-cooled unit that comes with adjustable air-flow and a removable cooling fan.

Carry Bag – A handy-dandy bag that doubles as a shower and bath towel holder that can hold everything from a towel to a towel holder.

Dryer – This smart dryer can turn water into a steam, and it comes with two water-dispersal jets.

Furniture – A sturdy-looking wooden shelf that can stand up to your washing machine, countertop or kitchen table.

Glass Faucet – This water-free water faucet can also be used for laundry.

Hair Dryer – A high-tech hair dryer comes with dual fan attachments.

Mirror – A mirror that can fit in your bathroom, bathroom sink or bathroom vanity.

Paintbrush – A paintbrush can be mounted on a stand to make it easy to paint your walls, ceiling or furniture.

Razor – This razor comes with its own stylus and comes with five different blades to brush your teeth.

Stain Remover – This versatile stain remover can be set to work by adding a brush to a wash basin or a dishwasher.

Towel – A clean towel comes with multiple storage pockets for your toiletries and a stand that makes attaching the towel to the handle easier.

Water Filter – This filter can filter water for your shower, toilet, and shower seat.

Wet Wall Paper – A towel can be attached to the bottom of a toilet to make an easy to use towel rack.

Wooden Table – A wooden table can be a convenient place to display your favorite pictures and to make a dining table for your guests.

Wall Mounted Lamps – These light-up lamps come with built-in speakers that can play music, or you can use them as a table lamp.

Windows – A window can be an essential accessory in any home.

Window Cover – This stylish, durable window cover will help protect your home from weather.

Winter Wall Mounting Bracket – These winter wall mounting brackets are made from lightweight, weatherproof materials that can take the hit and keep your wall warm while protecting it from winter weather.

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