Mom of 4 dies of breast cancer, son suffers from seizures

A mother of four died of breast and lung cancer in December, and her son suffered a seizure.

The family’s two youngest children, ages 2 and 3, are now in their second year of treatment.

They were on their way to a special needs school in North Bay when they were taken ill at a local park.

The girls’ mother, who was treated at a hospital, was rushed to the hospital for a checkup and died.

She had been diagnosed with breast cancer in June, but was denied treatment until earlier this year.

“We had hoped to see some progress and hoped to have a full recovery,” said Stephanie McCausland, whose daughter was with the family.

“But, in the end, the cancer has come back and they’re going to have to start over again.”

The family had lived in Bayshore for about 15 years, but moved to Maple Ridge when the house was renovated.

They had hoped that their son would be able to attend a school that specializes in special needs children, but that plan was never fully realised.

“It’s just really sad,” said McCauslands son, James.

“They had been hoping for the best.

They were looking forward to getting to a school where they could start on a path to recovery.”

While James McCauslanders is in treatment at the hospital, Stephanie McCauseland said that her husband was at home and looking after the children.

“He has the best job in the world,” she said.

“All of us are just praying that he’s OK.”

The girls will return to Maple Valley this summer, but their mother said she is not worried.

“I think it’s just a matter of time,” she added.

“When you lose someone you’re going through this together.

I think at the end of the day, I’m going to go through it together.”

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