Honda talons are the next big thing in the grill world

Honda’s latest flagship model is the Talon, which offers a sleek, futuristic design that combines a high-performance grille with a full-body grill.

But is it the next generation of grills?

The answer is “yes”.

While the Talons are only on sale in the US and Europe, a large number of other manufacturers are starting to roll out their own models, which will likely appeal to a wider range of customers.

While the market is still very nascent, there’s already been a boom in the sale of grill grills to the mass market.

While some people may be wary of new designs, the fact that the manufacturers are taking their cues from premium brands like the Ford Fiesta, BMW M3 and Ford Focus makes this an easy market to cater to.

If you want a stylish grill with premium design, look no further than the Honda Talon.

The Talon is a premium grill that combines high-end styling and premium performance.

The grill is made of carbon fibre, which is one of the highest-strength plastics available, according to Honda.

It is the first of its kind.

The design is also inspired by the styling of the original Talon with the grill body moulded to resemble a cross between a car grille and a grill.

The front of the grill is constructed with an aluminum body, which makes the grill look like a car grill, rather than a grill grill.

This design is part of a broader trend in the market to get rid of plastic parts, and replace them with premium materials such as aluminium and carbon fibre.

The Honda Talons’ design is inspired by its original design The Talons have two grilles and a full body grill.

Each grill has its own grill panel.

The grilles are made from carbon fibre and feature a dual-colour light.

A single grill is also available, but it is much more expensive.

The carbon fibre body gives the grill a sleek and futuristic look.

There is also a metal grill guard, which also adds to the stylish appearance.

The top grill features a metal plate and grill grille.

The rear grill is equipped with a carbon fibre grille plate and the grille grille, and it features a single grill grill guard.

Both grill grilles have a metal guard.

The headlights are also made from aluminium.

The taillights are made of aluminium and have LED lights.

The side grilles also feature aluminium.

It has a carbon-fibre grille on the front and carbon-carbon-fiber grille plates on the side.

The bottom grill has a stainless steel grill plate and a carbon fiber grill griddle.

A new version of the Honda Honda Talos is expected to be launched in 2019.

The price of the Talos varies depending on the type of grill you want, but the base model costs €1,700 (£1,500).

However, the Talo will also be available in a range of other price ranges.

The premium grill, the Honda Gobi, costs €2,700.

The next generation is the Honda Mantis, which costs €4,200 (£3,600).

The Talos can also be ordered in a variety of colours, from red to silver.

The first model of the premium grill is the Toyota Celica, which has an aluminium body and carbon fiber grille covering.

The Mantis also has a silver aluminium grille that has a different colour to the grilles on the Taloes.

Both the Celica and the Mantis come with a stainless-steel grill griddling system.

The other premium grill on offer is the Mazda3.

The car will also have carbon fibre on the grills and carbon metal grille covers.

The Mazda3 comes with a black aluminium grilling system.

Both cars have LED headlights.

The colour choices vary from car to car, with the black Mazda3 going for the black and the white Mazda3 for the white.

It also comes with black side mirrors and LED headlights that have a different design to the carbon fibre grill grilling panels.

The black and white versions also come with an additional rear camera, which lets you take photos of the road and the vehicle from a distance.

There are also optional body kits, which include an aluminium griding panel, a carbon filter and a rear-facing sunroof, but these are priced at around €1 to €3,000 (£1 to £2,000).

The car also comes in two versions: the standard Mazda3 with the aluminium body grilling panel and a black grilling module and the standard Miata with the carbon-metal grilling, aluminium gridding and rear-view camera.

Both models also come in a black body kit.

The optional rear camera can be mounted on the centre console, or on the back seat.

The new Talons offer a range on how to set up the grill, but if you want something a little more modern, there

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