Why I Love Anime & Manga Now

Now in its third season, the new anime/manga series, ‘The Black Cat’, is the first of its kind from a Japanese studio and follows a black cat in Japan.

This cat is voiced by Yuka Hirasaka and is a special guest star in the show.

I really loved watching the series, as the characters were a lot more human in real life than I had expected.

I was really drawn to the series and wanted to try and be a part of the story.

This was a really unique experience, as I’d never really had the chance to try my hand at voice acting before.

 When it came to the cat itself, the series was written by Yuuki Takeuchi and directed by Toshio Tanaka.

‘The Cat’ was also inspired by the characters and was directed by the same person.

The cat is a young girl who lives with her grandfather in a small town called Kamaishi.

She spends her days wandering around the countryside, looking for her grandfather’s pet cat.

When she gets lost, she eventually meets a boy, Tetsu, who is looking for the cat.

The boy gives her a cat toy called the ‘Catch-a-Cat’, which she finds and loves.

But the girl is a little reluctant to get rid of the cat, so she eventually accepts him as her new companion.

This is the heart of the show, which takes place in the small town.

I loved the fact that the story was told through the eyes of the character, as you never know who the protagonist will be in the next episode.

There were some great lines that really spoke to me, as they were written by a real person, and really put a spin on what I’d seen before.

One of the main things I loved about this series was the music.

The soundtrack was very fitting for the story, and I thought it really fit with the character’s character.

I’m really happy to say that I’ll be getting a chance to play this new series next year on Hulu.

[Featured Image by Katsuhiro Otomo/Getty Images]

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