Mazda’s new Bathroom Accessories line is going viral

Mazda has announced a new line of bathtub accessories.

The line is dubbed the “Camo Bath” line and it includes a new “Cabo” range of products.

The new line is priced at $299.99, and will be available in four color combinations: “Black” ($299.95), “White” ($349.95) and “Bright” ($399.95).

The “Coochie” range includes a full-length tub and two additional length options, with a total of six length options.

The “Bathroom” range is priced $199.99.

It also includes a “Cooman” tub, three different “Coon” lengths, and a “Booman,” with a length of 14.5 inches.

The three “Coos” lengths are the “Hooch” (6.5 inch), “Cocktail” (7 inch), and “Coot” (8.5).

The accessories range includes two of the most common types of bath tub accessories, the “Rope” and “Brick” tubs.

There’s also a range of bath-tub accessories for men and women, and accessories for kids.

For more on the new line, check out the official press release from Mazda.

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