Toyota Tacoma Tacoma: All-new design, upgraded battery, better sound and new battery pack

A new Toyota Tacoma is here, and its all-new look is an exciting upgrade over the previous model.

The new model, the Toyota Tacoma 4Runner, comes with a refreshed interior and has a higher top speed than the previous vehicle.

This comes with the addition of an 8-inch touch screen display, which will let you customize the car with different lighting, music, and other customization options.

The interior also features a new LED screen that lets you see your current driving status and upcoming navigation directions.

The 4Runner also has an upgraded battery with the same capacity and capacity as the previous generation.

The new Tacoma comes with an 8,000-mAh battery and has an additional 8,500mAh battery for the 3,000+ mile range.

Both the new and old 4Runner models come with a new and improved 4G LTE smartphone charging system, which allows the vehicle to be charged up to five times in the same day.

The 4Runner comes with Bluetooth 4.0, which is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

The Tacoma is a premium car with plenty of space for passengers and cargo.

The vehicle has an excellent interior and plenty of room to move around.

The Tacoma 4Runners will arrive on September 26th.

The Toyota Tacoma will go on sale in the U.S. on September 29th, with the first deliveries to be made on October 10th.

For more information on the new Tacoma and the Toyota 4Runner lineup, stay tuned to the official Toyota forums.

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