When a Ferrari goes to the movies

It’s no secret that the Ferrari is one of the most sought after automobiles of all time, but the car is also known for its distinctive style and performance.

When a new Ferrari arrives, it’s no easy feat to get it to your door, but that’s what a new car expert at the dealership of Ferraris, Lesley, is hoping you do.

“The Ferraris are known for having an iconic look and that means a lot to a lot of people,” Lesley said.

“But I do think the styling is what makes it special.”

Lesley started out by trying out some of the Ferraris in her collection and found that they were all different.

“It was a challenge to find a Ferrari that was really similar to a Ferrari I know and love, but different enough that you could drive it, too,” she said.

Lesley wanted to give her Ferrari a facelift, so she hired a professional to do it.

“I hired a man to do my work and it was very time consuming,” she explained.

“He’s not an interior designer, so I didn’t get to do a lot, but he was able to give me a lot that I wanted.”

“I’m hoping that’s the case with this car.”

Lessey’s job was to take the front end of her Ferrari and restore it to its original appearance.

She then removed the rear fenders, installed a new radiator, and fitted a new front bumper, which she said was a big deal for her new car.

The result was something that felt like a modern Ferrari, with a few changes that were not obvious.

“As you can see from the video, I didn to get too attached to the car,” Lessey said.

The new look of the car was also a big improvement over her previous car, which had a black roof and a few smaller modifications, like a slightly different front fascia.

“They looked very much like the Ferrari, but they were a little bit different,” Lesleys advice was to go with what the car’s owner liked, or at least what she liked.

“You can’t have the same style car for two different owners,” she added.

“There’s no way that you’re going to be able to have a Ferrari with the same interior for two separate people.”

To be fair, Lessey did make some changes to her car, like adding a spoiler on top of the fenders to protect the rear bumper.

“So I’ll be able [to drive the car] with the spoiler on,” she joked.

The only other changes were to the rear axle brackets and a new exhaust system.

“When I did the work, I was thinking, I’m not going to change the front fenders,” she laughed.

“That’s a big problem when you’re in a car like this.”

Lesys car is currently on the lot at a dealership in Sydney.

“This car has done a lot for me in my career,” she continued.

“And now it’s in the hands of a professional who can restore it for me.”

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