New wine to be made from grapes grown in B.C.’s Mount Isa region

A B.A.C. winery is making a wine from grapes harvested in a vineyard in the foothills of Mount Isa.

The Mount Isa Valley Wine Company is looking for grapes that are grown in a region that’s known for producing white wines and for producing B.T.S. wine.

“The area that we are looking for is a really small area where the grape crop has a good quality,” said company president Peter Sprecher.

“We’ve been growing wine from it since the 1800s.”

Wine is being made at the company’s Mount Isa vineyard and on the vineyard is the company ‘Sugar Rush’ grape, which has a flavour similar to wine made from it.

The company hopes the grapes will make a wine that people will want to drink and be proud of.

“It’s a bit of a gamble to say ‘well, we’re going to do this with grapes from a vine that’s not going to produce anything that’s going to be good in a glass, so we’re just going to take the grapes we have and just make a really good wine’,” Spreker said.

He said there is some competition from winemakers in the area.

“There are other growers that are using the same grapes,” Spreber said.

“But the difference is that Sugar Rush is really quite good and that’s something that I think a lot of people will appreciate.”

The Mount Isl wines will be available at select retailers across B.S., as well as the B.Q.C., Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Sprecher said the grapes have been planted in late May, but will be ready for harvest by the end of the month.

“They’re definitely going to go really fast, so it’ll be a very interesting harvest and we’ll have a nice wine to share with friends and families,” he said.

The vineyard has been growing grapes since the 1880s, when a local winemaker named William Mills was hired by Sprecker.

“He took over the winery in 1891 and he just kept growing and growing and grew and growing,” Spreecher said.

Wine from Mount Isa is not yet available in B, though, but Sprecer said they are hoping to make a number of other B.B.C.-based wines from the region.

“I think we have quite a few options out there in terms of B. B. C. wines, so there are lots of possibilities,” he added.

The winery will also produce wine in the Northwest and in the Yukon.

Spreyer said the company is trying to stay out of the wine-producing business.

“For me it’s not really about the business of wine making, it’s more about the people who work at the wineries who are really passionate about what they do,” he told CBC News.

The B.D.C./Winnipeg-based Mount Isa Wine Company, which is owned by Spreeker and his partner, Peter Dickson, has made wine from Mount Isls vineyards in the past.

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