How to DIY your Xbox Accessories App for Your Smartphone

When you buy an Xbox, you may want to consider a smart phone accessory for it.

Whether it’s a new Xbox One controller or a new game controller, you can connect it to your smartphone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth or WiFi, and it’ll work with the Xbox app.

The Xbox app can also connect to Xbox devices through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The Microsoft app supports all the usual accessories, including the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, a pair of Xbox Wireless controllers and the Xbox One Wireless Controller.

You’ll also need an Xbox app to get the full experience.

The best accessories for the XboxOne are:1.

Xbox Wireless Controller – $299.992.

Xbox 360 Controller – Free3.

Xbox One Controller – No charges or commitments for a year4.

Xbox SmartGlass headset – $79.99You may need an additional accessory to get full functionality with the app.

If you don’t want to shell out for the controller, Microsoft will send you one for free if you have a qualifying Windows 10 device and you want to use it on an Xbox One.

The app also supports Bluetooth headsets, but only for devices that have the Microsoft Wireless Controller SDK and the Microsoft SmartGlass SDK.

If you want something that’s a little cheaper, check out our guide to the best Xbox accessories for less.

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