Apple Watch: Apple Watch Series 2 Edition to ship in February 2018

Apple Watch 2.0 has been delayed for February, but the company’s Watch app and new Watch apps should launch in the coming weeks, the company announced.

The new Apple Watch will be available in two versions, the Series 2 and the Series 3, with the Series 1 launching in March.

The Series 2 will include all the new Apple hardware including the watchOS 3 software.

The company’s watchOS 4 software will be updated to support the Series and the new watchOS app.

The Watch Series 1 will arrive in February with a $299 price tag, and the first watch in the Series Series 2 is slated to launch in April with a starting price of $399.

The first watch from the Series series is the stainless steel Series 2.

The Series 2 Watch will have an optional battery and the Watch Series 3 will have a battery of up to 100mAh.

Both watches will also have a leather band with silicone straps, and a metal case.

The Apple Watch 3, which launched last fall, will include an optional watch band and the watch OS 3 software will also be updated for the new watches.

The Apple Watch has been on a slow path to market, but with Apple Watch 4 coming in April, it looks like Apple is finally ready to finally hit the market.

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