Blackstone grill sells for $5,700

The newest addition to the Blackstone Grill line is a $5.7 million grill that has a blackstone finish and is offered in a 2-pack.

The grill, which comes with a $1,200 fee, is made from blackstone hardware and features a black stone grill grille that matches the price tag.

“The Blackstone Classic is a great looking grill and the new Blackstone Black Classic is just as good,” Blackstone spokesperson Scott St. James said in an email.

The price tag for the grill was initially $1.7M and it sold for $4,995.

Blackstone has previously offered a $3,000 Blackstone 2-Pack grill with a black granite top, a $4K Blackstone Platinum Grill and a $7K Black Stone Gold Grill.

Read more about the Blackstones Blackstone and the BlackStone Grill line in our Blackstone Marketplace article Blackstone also recently introduced a new Black Stone Grill with a polished black stone finish.

The Blackstone 3-Pack, priced at $1K, features a 3-piece stainless steel grille and features black stone hardware and a black marble grill grilles.

The Blackstones new grill is the second in a series of Blackstone premium offerings for 2018.

The first Blackstone Gold Grill was released in July.

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